Sakleshpura Resorts Owner's Association

Welcome to Sakleshpur Resort Owners Association

Building a Resilient and Sustainable Tourism Industry for All

Driving Sakleshpura's Tourism

Initiative by the Sakleshpura Resort Owners Association
The Sakleshpura Resort owners association is formed with the intent of
  • - Promoting tourism,
  • - Providing opportunities to the locals
  • - Protecting the rich culture of the location
  • - Maintaining the flora and fauna,
  • - providing unmatched hospitality to tourists
  • - Wellbeing of the locals & more

Coming Together to Shape The Future of Sakleshpura

Health Camps & Other
Social Cuase
With a vision to create Sakleshpura the number one choice of tourists, the Sakleshpura Resort Owners association is involved in several activities that include promotion and social cause.
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Sakleshpur Tourism Destination

Hill station closest to Bangalore and is a favorite spot for thousands of tourists every year. A destination for trekking, fun to pilgrimage caters to every individual and family. Get a glimpse of what you can expect here
  • Trekking
  • Water Falls
  • Sight Seeing
  • Temples